Novabeast [VRChat Avatar]

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The Novabeasts are dragon-like beings.

Their oversized mane and fluffy features make them have quite a presence!

Elegant, calm, and friendly, these creatures deeply connect to their surroundings.


There are currently some known issues when trying to import the .fbx into blender, it is being looked into and will be fixed soon, thank you!

  • This avatar package is designed for use with VRChat and uses the Unity Humanoid format.
  • Support for similar or other applications is not guaranteed.
  • This avatar uses a free shader called lilToon Shader not included in the package natively! Download below!
  • Do not purchase without experience using the Unity Game Engine & VRChat Avatar SDK Toolkit.
  • Face Tracking and Meta Quest Standalone versions of this avatar will be included in the package in future updates! Sorry for the wait!
  • By purchasing this product you automatically agree to the Terms of Service listed at the bottom of the page.


  • Expressive Gestures and Visimes! (including MMD)
  • Female breasts toggle and size slider!
  • Two included color variations!
  • PhysBone Dynamics in the Mane, Ears, Cheek fluffs, Chest fluff, Tail, Tongue, Breasts, and Toes!
  • Dynamic Goggles and Collar!
  • Full Body Tracking Compatible!
  • ~43k Tris with 7 Materials!
  • Standard Medium Performance Rank!
  • The entire Mane, Chest fluff, Goggles, and Collar can be toggled off if so desired!
  • VRChat PC compatible, with Meta Quest Standalone support coming very soon!


  • Complete Unity Package set up and ready to upload to VRChat!
  • Substance Painter .SPP file!
  • Photoshop .PSD file!




Things you CAN do:

  • Edit the model for personal use.
  • Make public/cloneable versions of the model in VRChat.
  • Use this model for personal VTubing or Streaming.
  • Sell/commission custom textures for the model as long as you and the third party in question both legally own the product.
  • Make and sell clothing/accessories for the model as long as no assets other than the included skeleton/armature are redistributed.

Things you CANNOT do:

  • Use this avatar for commercial purposes.
  • Redistribute or sell/commission any part of the assets included (modified or otherwise) to a third party UNLESS you and the third party both legally own the product.
  • Use this avatar in advertising or games without explicit permission from Kittomatic.


  • This model is made by Kittomatic and taking credit for its creation will not be tolerated.
  • I shall not be liable for any misuse (hate, political stuff, etc.) caused by the use of this model.
  • Because of its digital nature, I will not offer any refunds for this product.

The Novabeast is a fully open species created by Kittomatic.

You may make or commission drawings, fursonas, and fursuits of them as long as they are not stolen/traced.

Hope you enjoy the Novabeast! :3


Novabeast v1.0 (release)


Concept, Design, Modeling, and Implementation:


Texturing help, Substance Painter setup, and Promotional pictures:


Photoshop setup and Community help:


Novabeast logo:


Testing and Emotional support <3

Flashy. and Gallius Strados

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Included when purchasing:

Unity Package
Substance Painter 3D .SPP file
Photoshop .PSD file
Goggles and Collar
Two Color Variations


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Novabeast [VRChat Avatar]

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