Novabeast [VRChat Avatar]

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The Novabeasts are dragon-like beings.

Their oversized mane and fluffy features make them have quite a presence!

Elegant, calm, and friendly, these creatures deeply connect to their surroundings.


This product is only officially available from Gumroad

  • There are currently some known issues when trying to import the .fbx into blender, it is being looked into and will be fixed soon, thank you!
  • This avatar package is designed for use with VRChat and uses the Unity Humanoid format.
  • Support for similar or other applications is not guaranteed.
  • This avatar uses a free shader called lilToon Shader not included in the package natively! Download below!
  • Do not purchase without experience using the Unity Game Engine & VRChat Avatar SDK Toolkit.
  • Face Tracking and Meta Quest Standalone versions of this avatar will be included in the package in future updates! Sorry for the wait!
  • By purchasing this product you automatically agree to the Terms of Service listed at the bottom of the page.


  • Expressive Gestures and Visimes! (including MMD)
  • Two included color variations!
  • PhysBone Dynamics in the Mane, Ears, Cheek fluffs, Chest fluff, Tail, Tongue, and Toes!
  • Dynamic Goggles and Collar!
  • Full Body Tracking Compatible!
  • ~43k Tris with 7 Materials!
  • Standard Medium Performance Rank!
  • The entire Mane, Chest fluff, Goggles, and Collar can be toggled off if so desired!
  • VRChat PC compatible, with Meta Quest Standalone support coming very soon!


  • Complete Unity Package set up and ready to upload to VRChat!
  • Substance Painter .SPP file!
  • Photoshop .PSD file!




Things you CAN do:

  • Edit the model for personal use.
  • Make public/cloneable versions of the model in VRChat.
  • Use this model for personal VTubing or Streaming.
  • Sell/commission custom textures for the model as long as you and the third party in question both legally own the product.
  • Make and sell clothing/accessories for the Novabeast as long as no assets other than the included skeleton/armature are redistributed AND the creator(s) of the asset in question legally owns the Novabeast.

Things you CANNOT do:

  • Use this avatar for commercial purposes.
  • Redistribute or sell/commission any part of the assets included (modified or otherwise) to a third party UNLESS you and the third party both legally own the product.
  • Use this avatar in advertising or games without explicit permission from Kittomatic.
  • Share any License Key that is provided from any purchase of this avatar.


  • The product is single purchase, single user.
  • This model is made by Kittomatic and taking credit for its creation will not be tolerated.
  • I shall not be liable for any misuse (hate, political stuff, etc.) caused by the use of this model.
  • Because of its digital nature, I will not offer any refunds for this product.

The Novabeast is a fully open species created by Kittomatic.

You may make or commission drawings, fursonas, and fursuits of them as long as they are not stolen/traced.

Hope you enjoy the Novabeast! :3


Novabeast v1.0 (release)


Concept, Design, Modeling, and Implementation:


Texturing help, Substance Painter setup, and Promotional pictures:


Photoshop setup and Community help:


Novabeast logo:


Testing and Emotional support <3

Flashy. and Gallius Strados

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Included when purchasing:

Unity Package
Substance Painter 3D .SPP file
Photoshop .PSD file
Goggles and Collar
Two Color Variations
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Novabeast [VRChat Avatar]

891 ratings
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